The Art Of Letting Go

The art of letting go is key to taking the next level in success, self love and respect. Easier said than done right? duhh?!

After raising the bar over the past year, I've noticed a massive change in the dynamic of my relationships; new and existent. At first, I respected and remained close to various connections in my life, but found myself feeling abused. I was abusing myself. I started feeling guilty about receiving the success I had worked so hard to achieve. I gave my power away and felt afraid to own my success. And people grow comfortable around company like that - believe me. They can be anyone you know ; friends, lovers, work colleagues and even those you hold in the highest esteem. Rising up isn't always popular when you've appeared less to certain people. Still, at the end of the day. We only ever have our selves to blame for how we react.

Being assertive was something I had learned, but let go of time and time again; for the feeling of guilt. I've always …

Dawn Of A New Direction

Greetings, and welcome to my blog "Will to Create" . I create expression through the art of illustrating and writing comic books. I also express myself through music performance.  I am Angie Spice. I feel crazy good. Thank you for joining me.

I've dreamed of creating this blog for years on end; a read for any artist or creative soul. I'll be covering the topics of artistic well being, discovering and amplifying your unique creative talents, my  journey as an artist and of course our will to create. It exists and it makes us human.